New City, New Start: Best US Cities for Finding a New Job in 2015

CareersIf you’re having a hard time finding a job, you may want to consider packing your bags. But which city will up your chances of landing employment? Read on for the top cities in the US for young professionals or those seeking to start a new career in 2015.

Cape Coral, Florida

With 32 % of employers hiring, this Gulf Coast beach destination was recently recognized as a top city for the strongest job prospects. Jobs are available mostly in tourism and hospitality.

McAllen, Texas

McAllen is one of the best places to look for a job right now. The net employment outlook is at 29%. Jobs are opening up in transportation, construction, durable goods manufacturing, utilities and professional and business services. Because of the tariff-free trade agreements between the U.S. and Mexico, several American companies, including Nokia and General Electric have major facilities there.

Deltona, Florida

Another great beach destination came in third, with 26% of employers expecting to hire. One of the spurs to this city’s growth is major construction at the Daytona speedway.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

This city headquarters for several aviation and auto manufacturers and is showing strengths with an employment outlook of 26% – well above the national average at 16 %. Grand Rapids is also benefiting from a housing revival after the whole state was severely battered by the great recession.

Oxnard, California

California has had a lot of economic trouble but Oxnard is showing a strong indication of gain. This is another city driven by international trade. Oxnard is home to a major commercial port between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Employers there expect a 24% jump in hiring in the first quarter.

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