Margaret Suanne Bone on the Rewards of Being a Youth Group Co-Leader

Margaret Suanne Bone

Margaret Suanne Bone

Margaret Suanne Bone is one of the co-leaders for the youth group of First Presbyterian Church in Lebanon, Tenn. According to Margaret Suanne Bone, being a youth leader is very rewarding and exciting. The position requires patience, good leadership skills, dedication, good listening skills, and compassion. However, there are other significant characteristics that can go with a great youth leader as well.

Q: How can one become an effective youth leader?

Margaret Suanne Bone: I believe it’s important to ask the youth about their goals and needs. Learning about their likes, dislikes, and interests are also important.

Q: How do you show the youth that you enjoy being with them and that you care?

Margaret Suanne Bone: Youth leaders should always be caring, kind and understanding. A good youth leader loves being around young people, and he or she always gives the members the attention they need. The youth leader should also let the youth know that he or she is there for them as a friend.

Q: How do you get the youth involved?

Margaret Suanne Bone: By creating ways to keep the young people motivated and interested. For example, fun activities geared towards middle and high school students are always popular.

Q: What activities do you do with your youth group?

Margaret Suanne Bone: We do lots of fun things. We go miniature golfing, we attend hockey games, we did a Christmas lights limo ride, we collect food and money to feed the homeless, and we even had a church lock-in.

Q: What went down at the lock-in?

Margaret Suanne Bone: The overnight included dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory and Laser Quest to let out some extra energy. The next morning we helped prepare and serve breakfast to part of Nashville’s homeless population in the fellowship hall of the church.

Margaret Suanne Bone has been a long-time member of the First Presbyterian Church in Lebanon. In addition to being a youth leader, she offers her time and talent as both a pianist and greeter.

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