LinkedIn Leads to Jobs but Seekers Must Use Common Sense

LinkedInA positive online presence is the key to landing a new gig, say job recruiters.

With over 277 million users and counting, LinkedIn is the nation’s largest professional networking platform ever. While the majority of users are actively seeking a new opportunity, only a coveted few will land their dream job.

Recruiters actively check profiles

Recruiters use LinkedIn as their own personal pond for fishing out select job candidates. In a recent poll, 93% of human resources and hiring managers sought new talent using the website. LinkedIn offers the opportunity for job seekers to showcase themselves and allows recruiters to see with whom and what companies their future employee associates with.

Make it shine

Recruiters are taking to the Internet to stay progressively ahead of their competition and they are looking for professional, driven, and tech-savvy employees. Employers usually filter for specific keywords relevant to the industry in which they are hiring. Those planning on using a LinkedIn profile to obtain the perfect job should avoid kitschy terms to describe themselves. Positive and truthful information – even if glossed up just a bit – is likely to stand out over arrogant self-accolades.

Fill in the blanks

LinkedIn has been likened to speed dating for job seekers and employers. Any lengthy gap in employment may be considered a red flag to recruiters. It’s absolutely vital to fill in the blanks to include any relevant experience that may have been utilized during times of unemployment. Volunteer work, consulting gigs, and involvement with professional or trade associations are all perfectly acceptable ways to truthfully represent any otherwise blank space on a resume.

Jobseekers should keep social media presence up-to-date by using a current profile photo and should abstain from any negative online behavior. Additionally, it’s best to emphasize recent experience rather than relive the glory days on a job that’s over a decade old.

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