Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) on the Agency’s Beginnings

KSA KosherKosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher), located in the American West, is a kosher certification agency. It is a not-for-profit agency that has received official recognition from numerous rabbinical associations. KSA has assisted thousands of people by carefully inspecting each product for the consumer’s benefit. Their easy and efficient certification process involves a complete list of procedures that ensure the quality of food products. The KSA Kosher certified logo has quickly turned into a vital marketing device that encourages additional revenues through expansion of the marketplace.

Community Blog: When was KSA Kosher founded and why?

KSA Kosher: KSA was launched in 1992 as a response to a significant need to provide kosher certification to a variety of food manufacturers located on the west coast.

Community Blog: How has KSA Kosher expanded through the years?

KSA Kosher: From a humble beginning that included just a handful of companies, KSA soon witnessed exponential growth and today boasts close to 500 companies globally. The KSA symbol is notable at grocery stores and food shops in the United States and internationally. KSA offers services for a wide range of different clients, including food distributors and packers, caterers, bakeries, independent grocers, food manufacturers and hotel chains, among others.

Community Blog: What are some notable qualities about KSA?

KSA Kosher: KSA prides itself on great customer service and a user-friendly attitude. KSA is also fortunate to have on its staff renowned experts in the Kashrus field with over 30 years of experience.

Community Blog: Who forms the leadership at KSA?

KSA Kosher: Rabbi Yossy Bodenstein, Rabbi Yechezkal Auerbach, and Rabbi Binyomin Kreitman are at the helm of the day-to-day operations ensuring that each and every product bearing the KSA symbol meet the highest standards of Kashrus. Rabbi Chaim Goldzweig, known as the “grandfather” of kosher certification is the chief consultant at KSA.

Community Blog: Can you tell us how many kosher food products are produced in the United States?

KSA Kosher: Almost $34 billion of kosher food products are produced in the United States annually. Additionally, $3 billion in direct kosher food sales are sold domestically each year. There are about eight million American consumers who purposefully look for a kosher label. Some other numbers of note: Kosher food service has improved in sales volume by 18% over the last year. The number of kosher consumers is increasing at an annual rate of 15%. Overall, the term “kosher” is typically associated with health, quality, and careful preparation.

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