Interview with Integrity Spas: Our Value Line of Spas

Integrity Spas puts a premium on giving clients the most value for their money. One popular line of hot tubs at Integrity Spas is the Sunset Line, which provides clients with a high-quality product for a low price. The staff at Integrity Spas explains that the models in the Sunset Line often possess many of the same features as the more expensive offerings.

Community Blog: What clients are best suited for the Sunset Line?

Integrity Spas: The models in the Sunset Line are perfect for consumers who are value conscious. If a client is working within a limited budget, any of these models will be suitable to their financial needs.

Community Blog: Will the client then sacrifice quality?

Integrity Spas: Not at all. These units are handcrafted by skilled technicians to ensure the right blend of design and comfort. Plus, most amenities are standard across the entire Integrity Spas product line.

Community Blog: How many models are available in the Sunset Line?

Integrity Spas: Currently there are four Sunset Line models available: Trinity, Serenity, Eclipse and Destiny.

Community Blog: Are these models different sizes?

Integrity Spas: Yes. The Trinity seats three people; the Serenity, five; the Eclipse, six; and the Destiny, seven.

Community Blog: That’s quite a range.

Integrity Spas: It is. The Sunset Line provides flexibility for the prospective client who wants to receive maximum benefit at a minimal cost.

Community Blog: Do any of these models have lounge seating?

Integrity Spas: The Serenity and the Eclipse both have lounge seating for clients who like to entertain guests frequently.

Community Blog: What are some special features of the Sunset Line?

Integrity Spas: Our Sunset Line of spas all feature stainless steel jets that are specially designed for maximum comfort and relaxation.

Community Blog: What about cleaning options?

Integrity Spas: Sunset Line spas all come equipped with an ozonator. The ozonator acts in conjunction with chemical treatment to ensure that the water remains clean and clear.

Community Blog: Anything else?

Integrity Spas: Yes, all Sunset line spas also have a hard marine-grade cover, which comes standard. This cover provides shade, retains heat – improving energy efficiency, prevents animals and insects from entering the water, and protects the spa from other external elements.

Community Blog: How many different colors are available in the Sunset Line?

Integrity Spas: There are eight different acrylic colors to choose from.

Community Blog: What about cabinet colors?

Integrity Spas: Right now, three maintenance-free cabinet colors are available.

Community Blog: Are all of these colors available immediately?

Integrity Spas: Only the sterling silver is always in stock and made available for immediate shipping.

Community Blog: How much longer does the spa build take for additional colors?

Integrity Spas: Expect a build time of two to four weeks for a custom build.

Integrity Spas is an online retailer that offers the most updated luxury spas on the market. Based in Leawood, Kansas, Integrity Spas sells their spas and spa accessories exclusively on the Internet. Integrity Spas designs and manufactures all units so that clients will save more than 50 percent off retail price.


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