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For anyone who has seen a product on a store shelf and recalled memories of coming up with something similar years before. And thinking, “If I’d of only done something with that idea, I’d be rich,” – well, you’re not alone.  You’re not the only one sitting there wishing and wanting to do something with your idea. The problem is most people don’t know what to do with ideas. PatentEase solves this problem by providing a viable and affordable option for starting down the road of protecting your ideas. Whether you have an immediate need to protect an idea or you want to be prepared when the next big idea pops into your head. Filing a patent application is the best way to protect your idea. Your ultimate solution is PatentEase. Here to help Incredible Discoveries ® flesh out more information on how to patent your ideas is Inventorprise CEO and Patent Attorney – Mark Levy.

Incredible Discoveries: Good to see you, sir.

Mark Levy: Great to be here, Incredible Discoveries.

Incredible Discoveries: OK, with hundreds of issued patents and thousands of customers worldwide, tell me how PatentEase is helping people all around the world.

Mark Levy: Our mission in Inventorprise is really to help people come up and protect their most important asset, their intellectual property, what comes out of their head. So to do that we’ve got this program that will allow people to work on their own ideas, write their own patent applications and we’ve got a staff very highly qualified, highly trained personnel that can help answer questions about the software or about the patent process itself.

Incredible Discoveries: Funny you should bring that up because I know there is a lot of nay-sayers out there who say there is no way that I can do this myself from the computer side to the legal side. So what do you say to them?

Mark Levy: You know this is just a computer program – it is not any different or more difficult than word processing or a tax program. If you can run a computer, you can do this. And we have all kinds of help files, little features that will guide you through the process step by step.

Incredible Discoveries: Now you are in a unique position because you are a very successful Patent Attorney; but now you’re sort of giving away the keys for other people how to do it.  You’re saving them a lot of money and you’re sort of living your passion.

Mark Levy: You’re right. You know, there are a lot of attorneys (especially patent attorneys) who don’t like me. Because I am basically telling the world the emperor has no clothes and you can do it yourself.

Incredible Discoveries: That’s great advice.

Mark Levy: There is no reason a person has to go to an expensive patent attorney and spend thousands of dollars – when, instead, he or she could get the program and run it themselves.

Incredible Discoveries: That does sound great; but what about an attorney and their fees? Applying for a patent is a pretty big deal. Now won’t some people say, “There is no way I’m trusting a software system, to turn in a legal patent document”?

Mark Levy: You’re correct, about patent attorneys charging so much.  They can charge thousands of dollars for writing patent applications.  We created PatentEase to be able to do it for a fraction, a tiny fraction of that cost.

Incredible Discoveries: So after years of your staff learning the rules and procedures for patenting a product or an idea, you’ve come with an ease to follow system that actually helps people to patent a product. So tell everybody about what’s in the system.

Mark Levy: One of the things that we have in the system are example patents. So you can look up something that is very similar or in the same area as what you’re doing.

Incredible Discoveries: Correct me if I’m wrong, but most of these inventions don’t come out of some multi-global corporation. They come out of somebody’s head.

Mark Levy: That’s true. The US Patent Office has a great number of patents that are applied for by individuals. People who have their hobbies, working, have problems shoveling snow, you name it. If they have got a problem and they’ve thought of a new way to improve it or, they’ve got something that can be improved by all means filing a patent application is the way they can make some money.

Incredible Discoveries: Then they give it to the global corporation who markets them. And the inventor makes a lot of money.

Mark Levy: That’s right. Actually the inventor doesn’t even have to make his own invention. It’s called a prototype and it doesn’t have to be done as long as you can describe the invention well enough so someone else can build it – that’s all you need to get the patent.

Incredible Discoveries: And to think of the money that you could lose out on by taking this straight to the manufacturer or to your friend or to China, rather than getting a patent on it.  That’s unbelievable.

Mark Levy: Right.  Especially with our program that makes it so easy, there is just no excuse not to protect your own ideas and make a lot of money. That’s why we invented PatentEase – so people can do this on their own. They can do their own patent applications and live their dreams.

Incredible Discoveries: And I’m guessing that once you have the software and you understand how easy it is, it really helps your mind flow better to create products because you don’t have that big detour in the way.

Mark Levy: That’s correct. There is something to be said about not going to another person. The whole message is diluted by the time that you talk to another person. You own your invention; so why not describe it the best way you can.  You are going to do a better job than anyone else can.

Incredible Discoveries: PatentEase has helped thousands of people from virtually all over the patent world.

Mark Levy: That’s true. Ah, we’ve got inventors who have used this for everything you can think of. Baby pacifiers, fishing lures, tools and you name it.  Anything you can see is probably patentable if nobody has done it before.

Incredible Discoveries: And it’s just that easy. You think it, you draw it, you describe it and you patent it.

Mark Levy: It’s just that easy, we’re trying to help people go through the process and really once you get PatentEase we make it easy for you.

Incredible Discoveries: You know, Mark, I’m guessing for every person who did do it properly and got a patent and went through it, there are many who didn’t who are sitting at home wishing they probably did.

Mark Levy: That’s true we hear that story all the time. If only I had thought of that before or I did think of it, if only I had protected it somehow. We make it easy.

Incredible Discoveries: For more information on PatentEase, visit

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