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Designing Spaces

Designing Spaces

The following segment aired on Lifetime Television. Joining the show was Damian Ripon and Jennifer McCauly from High Falls Brewing Company.

Host, David Jones: Whether it’s the big game or your favorite college team, anyone throwing a football party wants it to be a success, right? Well, there’s the food and then of course, there’s the drinks. When it comes to beverages, a full assortment of flavors ensures everyone is going to find something they like. Debi, I want you to meet Damian Ripon and Jennifer McCauly, there from High Falls Brewing Company, and you are not going to believe what they brought with them today. OK. Welcome. Thank you so much for being here, today!

Damian Ripon: Thank you for having us, it’s great to be here.

David: We appreciate you bringing all these great things. Now, the refrigerator is fully stocked and we have some portable coolers here as well. Tell us what you brought.

Damian Ripon: We brought our beer. You’re going to have that whether you’re at a tailgate party or a barbecue or just kicking back with your friends.

David: Right.

Damian Ripon: And then we brought some cooler escapes and they’re a great alternative if somebody’s looking for something other than a beer.

David: OK. Now let’s talk about the coolers. I notice you have them on ice, and there’s a huge variety here. Let’s talk about this.

Damian Ripon: Yeah, well, first of all, on ice or chilled is exactly the way you want to serve them and there is a great variety here, but nearly not all of the flavors are represented. There’s actually twelve flavors in the Seagrams Escapes family.

David: Wow, that’s a lot.

Damian Ripon: Yeah, and we’re launching a new flavor next year, and then another one the following year. We always try to keep the popularity of the family very new and very fresh.

David: We just brought out one also this past spring and that is the Jamaican Me Happy, which is a theme.

Damian Ripon: Everyone is always looking to experiment with a new style, a new flavor.

David (Designing Spaces): Yes.

Damian Ripon: This one is actually lemon strawberry watermelon and guava.

Designing Spaces: Alright well I’m standing in front of my true love, here, Damian, help us out with this.  Now I see a big selection here as well, when it comes to beer.

Damian Ripon: Well, you and I are both loving the beer. We start with the Jenny products and High Falls Brewing Company brews Jenny, Jenny Cream Ale, Jenny light, and we’ve been doing that since prohibition. And we have some of the best, we feel, styles and flavors of beer and that’s the Jenny family, but if you move out of that and into the craft style of beer, and it’s very popular right now, the craft beers, people are drinking craft beers while they are cooking or they are cooking with them.

Designing Spaces: Right.

Damian Ripon: Or they are experimenting with different seasonal styles. Honey Brown was the original and this came out in the mid nineties, JW Dundee Honey Brown. Very popular you can find it all over the country, and with that family we have a pale ale and an Amber Lager. Here’s a glass.

Designing Spaces: I’ve got to see what this looks like here.

Damian Ripon: I’m going to go ahead and have a pizza while you guys are doing this.

Designing Spaces: You keep going because obviously you have a lot to choose from here, and I’m looking at all these different flavors. Do you have seasonal beer?

Damian Ripon: Well that’s a great question. Everybody is looking for an alternative and that goes and leads us into the seasonal style of beer. We have five different seasonals, even though there’s only four seasons. We have two that we offer in the winter and that is a festive ale, which is great around the holidays, and that has some nutmeg and cinnamon overtones to it.

Designing Spaces: Mmm, it’s good.

Damian Ripon: Yeah, it’s delicious and we have a porter, a nice heavy stronger beer between the Honey Brown, which is great to cook with or great if we were talking about doing a barbecue or a tailgate. If you have some grilled meats out there, this compliments them perfectly.

Designing Spaces: Oh, that’s good to know.

Damian Ripon: Well, yeah the seasons, winter, spring, summer, fall and beer.

Designing Spaces: A beer at all times.

Damian Ripon: Right, and Cream Ale, I like that, that sounds good. Cream Ale is one of the true styles of beer that was invented here in the United States.

Designing Spaces: Um hmm.

Damian Ripon: We started developing this in the sixties and it’s one of our most popular and we are very proud of the fact that we felt that we perfected that style of beer, we do very well with it.

Jennifer McCauly: We’ve won numerous awards with all of our beers, but specifically Cream Ale.  Honey Brown has won a bunch, we’re very proud of all the family.

Designing Spaces: And it’s good if you have that one certain beer that you always drink, now you have a variety of ones to choose from, because there are so many here.

Jennifer McCauly: Correct, everybody’s looking to change it up for each occasion.  I want to drink something with this and I want to drink something when I’m with my friends. Any given time you are going to drink a different style of beer.

Designing Spaces: Well, you definitely brought everything, and one thing to know, the college games a lot of times start early in the day. This is a great way to start the party if you don’t feel like something a little heavier, start with the escapes.

Jennifer McCauly: Right.

Designing Spaces: Thank you so much for being here and really showing us a variety of ways that we can enjoy our parties, so thank you very much.

Jennifer McCauly: Thank you for having us.

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