C. Frederick Wehba Encourages the American Public to Support Boy Scouts of America

C. Frederick WehbaA current volunteer with the Boy Scouts of America (BSA), C. Frederick Wehba knows well the tremendous possibilities offered by this century-old organization. As an Eagle Scout, C. Frederick Wehba tested his mettle and proved victorious after a series of physical and mental challenges. C. Frederick Wehba credits the BSA with giving him the strength and self-confidence to succeed in all areas of his life.

Community Blog Online: Hi, Frederick. It’s great to welcome you this afternoon.

C. Frederick Wehba: The feeling is mutual!

Community Blog Online: Today we would like to give readers insight into the Boy Scouts of America.

C. Frederick Wehba: Terrific. It’s a first-rate organization with many wonderful aspects.

Community Blog Online: How is the BSA shaping young lives?

C. Frederick Wehba: The BSA provides a broad range of optional and mandatory training programs in leadership, outdoor skills and youth protection.

Community Blog Online: What organizations act as the main supporters of the BSA?

C. Frederick Wehba: The BSA receives a number of donations from large corporations including Monsanto, GE, Eli Lilly, U.S. Bank, UPS, Valero, Pfizer, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, 3M, Verizon and Emerson.

Community Blog Online: Are there any celebrities or public figures that have served as Scouts?

C. Frederick Wehba: Many notable Americans have been involved in the BSA, including astronaut Neil Armstrong, President Gerald Ford and filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Community Blog Online: Impressive list!

C. Frederick Wehba: That’s just a small collection of fine leaders who give the BSA a good name.

Community Blog Online: For those who are not familiar with the organization, what are some of the prime activities for the Scouts?

C. Frederick Wehba: Outdoor skills may include hiking, camping, climbing safety, swim safety and first aid.

Community Blog Online: Where are these skills developed?

C. Frederick Wehba: Current BSA high-adventure bases include Florida National High Adventure Sea Base, Northern Tier National High Adventure Bases and Philmont Scout Ranch.

Community Blog Online: How are Scout leaders chosen?

C. Frederick Wehba: It’s a carefully thought-out process that starts with the BSA Council.

Community Blog Online: What is the chief function of the BSA Council?

C. Frederick Wehba: The BSA Council presents inter-unit activities, professional and volunteer support, leader training, insurance coverage and camping programs.

Community Blog Online: Where else does the BSA draw support?

C. Frederick Wehba: The BSA collaborates directly with service organizations, fraternal groups, community associations and churches for present these services to the community or neighborhood.

Community Blog Online: What are the leading assets of these relationships?

C. Frederick Wehba: Performing outreach to families and young people is essential to the cause…

Community Blog Online: We hope you have good luck going forward in your efforts.

C. Frederick Wehba: The BSA appreciates your support!

A leading real estate developer and investor, C. Frederick Wehba has arranged volunteer efforts with several philanthropic organizations including the Dove Foundation. For C. Frederick Wehba, giving back to the community is among his greatest treasures.

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C. Frederick Wehba Encourages the American Public to Support Boy Scouts of America, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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