Benefits of Exercise Explained by Brenda Lee Reed, Founder of Genesis Healing Center

Brenda Lee Reed

Brenda Lee Reed

Exercising when we’re young is easy and enjoyable, says Brenda Lee Reed. But as we get older, it becomes more difficult to find time for the gym.  By the time we’re in our 60’s, many of us wonder if exercising is really worth the effort.  Today, health and wellness expert Brenda Lee Reed explains the benefits of exercise.

BloggerVenue: Do we ever reach an age where exercise has no benefits for us?

Brenda Lee Reed: No, research shows we are never too old to reap the rewards of sweating, even if it is to the Oldies!

BloggerVenue: What is the benefit of exercising for, say, an 80 year old?

Brenda Lee Reed: According to new research, the three year mortality rate is much lower for someone in their 80s who stays in motion.

BloggerVenue: How often should we exercise?

Brenda Lee Reed: Four hours of exercise per week is considered active and can greatly increase your overall health and well-being.

BloggerVenue: What type of exercise is considered beneficial?

Brenda Lee Reed: Anything goes as long as you aren’t stationary.

BloggerVenue: How should someone begin an exercise regime?

Brenda Lee Reed: First you should decide why you want to exercise, whether to lose weight or improve your heart health.  Then start slowly and gradually increase the length and intensity.

BloggerVenue: What type of goals should we set?

Brenda Lee Reed: Make sure you are realistic, that’s the biggest thing.  Also, don’t over do it. The body needs rest as much as it needs work.

BloggerVenue: In today’s fast-paced life, how do you find the time to workout?

Brenda Lee Reed: You have to make time.  Schedule it in your day. Write it on your calendar, just as you would for your child’s baseball game or doctor’s appointment.

BloggerVenue: How do you keep your exercise regime from becoming boring?

Brenda Lee Reed: Variety!  Change it up from time to time and try something new.

BloggerVenue: Are there any other ways to reduce the monotony of exercising?

Brenda Lee Reed: A workout partner is great and joining an online support group can give you something to gauge your success by.

BloggerVenue: What are realistic goals for a beginner?

Brenda Lee Reed: Again, start slowly and keep your goals attainable.

BloggerVenue: Do you have any final words?

Brenda Lee Reed: Yes.  Don’t focus on the inches and pounds you have or have not lost.  Instead focus on how much better you feel.  Also if you are unsure what type of exercise is best for you, then seek advice from a personal trainer or some other exercise expert.  And don’t forget that simple stretching is extremely beneficial.  It increases flexibility and that helps prevent various diseases and injuries.  It also helps reduce stress and anxiety.  Stretching 15 or 20 minutes a day will not only help you have a healthier body, it will help you look and feel younger.  It will also increase your overall emotional well-being and mental concentration.

Brenda Lee Reed has been an expert in the health and wellness field for nearly three decades. She believes a positive mindset is the most important factor before starting a new and unfamiliar fitness regime. As the founder of Genesis Healing Center, Brenda Lee Reed offers individuals the chance to wind down, relax, reflect and detox both mind and soul before embarking on a new fitness journey. Learn more at

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