On the Road with Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle

Mark Zokle has been a professional sales and marketing manager for over two decades. He’s also a devoted husband and father. While he admits there are challenges, Zokle believes there are rewards for those willing to make a life on the road. In the following conversation, Mark Zokle shares his insights on living well while living away.

Community Blog Online: Good evening and thank you for speaking with us today.

Mark Zokle: It’s my pleasure.

Community Blog Online: We’d like to talk about balancing work and family life when you have a job that requires extensive travel. 

Mark Zokle: It can definitely be tricky…

Community Blog Online: How do you manage it?

Mark Zokle: I involve my wife and children in my day is much as possible. Being able to talk to them on FaceTime goes a long way.

Community Blog Online: We imagine that’s one of the greatest tools a traveling father can have in this day and age…

Mark Zokle: Absolutely. It’s a great help to be able to see your kids when they get home from school or before bed.

Community Blog Online: Is helping with discipline possible when you’re not physically home?

Mark Zokle: It’s difficult and sometimes feels like I’ve missed some important detail that would help me make a better disciplinary decision. But being able to help my wife in that way shows our children that even if I’m not there we’re a united front.

Community Blog Online: When you are home, what are your priorities?

Mark Zokle: Family!

Community Blog Online: Is alone time with your wife difficult to carve out?

Mark Zokle: Yes, but it’s very important. Having mom and dad time every quarter has been the key to keeping my relationship with my wife strong.

Community Blog Online: What other challenges do you face when you choose a life on the road?

Mark Zokle: Nutrition is definitely at the top of the list. It can be very difficult to eat healthy.

Community Blog Online: Do you have any tips you would like to share along those lines?

Mark Zokle: Pack plenty of healthy snacks like dried fruits, nuts, and energy bars. These can help stave off hunger – and the poor eating decisions that you may make because of it – until you have access to something other than a drive through.

Community Blog Online: How do you make the time to take care of yourself?

Mark Zokle: I always make sure to book a hotel that has an on-site fitness center. Knowing ahead of time what equipment I’ll have to work with and planning a 30 minute workout is key. Remember, just because you’re traveling, doesn’t mean you should neglect your body.

Community Blog Online: What gives you, personally, the strength to remain focused?

Mark Zokle: I pray a lot. I pray that I can become a better person and be the very best that I can be every day to stay competitive in a very tough business model.

Community Blog Online: How do you keep up with your schedule?

Mark Zokle: Honestly, my wife helps me. Without a strong and supportive partner, life on the road would be pretty much impossible.

Community Blog Online: That’s very true.

Mark Zokle: She has been wonderful in allowing me to pursue my passion and profession.

Community Blog Online: Do you think you would ever want to go back to a 9 – 5 desk job?

Mark Zokle: No, I’m a salesman at heart. I think it would be very difficult and disheartening to try and change that. My kids know that I do this job to make sure that they have a better life and that makes it easier to be away.

Community Blog Online: We know that has to be tough…

Mark Zokle: It is. Life on the road without your family is a challenge that takes some getting used to, that is for sure.

Community Blog Online: No doubt. We appreciate your time today, thank you again for sharing your thoughts.

Mark Zokle is the National Sales Director for BCI Acrylics, Inc.

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