Traveling to Italy’s Amalfi Coast | Bradley Thomas Giordano

Bradley Thomas GiordanoA trendy but peaceful resort town awaits travelers to Italy’s most picturesque coastline, says Bradley Thomas Giordano.

Tucked away in the province of Salerno, Positano is a traditional fishing village on the Costiera Amalfitana, the Amalfi Coast.  According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, the area is now a popular tourist destination, and has even served as a backdrop for several films.  The attraction of Positano to tourists and Hollywood is easy to understand.  Positano is built into the side of a mountain overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea.  Because of the limited space, the town is constructed on a vertical axis with almost every building offering beautiful panoramic views of the water and beaches below.  Bradley Thomas Giordano notes that Positano is central to many other tourist towns, including Capri, Sorrento, and Amalfi.  Importantly, it is also less populated and quieter than its neighbors, and provides a great, central place to stay while exploring the region.

The biggest attractions are the beaches and vistas, says Bradley Thomas Giordano.  Deep blue waters set amongst rocky shores are a vacationer’s paradise.  Arienzo Beach is one of the most popular along the coast for its seclusion and convenience.  Few areas in the world are as revered for their natural beauty and diversity of landscape.  Bradley Thomas Giordano says the on-site restaurant offers beachgoers traditional Italian fare without the crowds of the main beaches.  Consequently, visitors have all they need to enjoy an entire day relaxing in the sun.

According to Bradley Thomas Giordano, a trip to Positano should include a freshly prepared meal from one of the area’s many restaurants. Notably, La Sponda, the restaurant at La Sirenuse – one of the more exclusive hotels in the area, is open to the public and specializes in fresh, local seafood, and pasta.  Those who wish for a less formal dining experience can sample fares from Palazzo Murat.  Bradley Thomas Giordano describes the restaurant’s private gardens as exquisite, offering seasonal fresh vegetables, including tomatoes and peppers. Guests may dine indoors or soak up the area’s natural ambiance at an outdoor table under a canopy of citrus and set along the property’s stone promenade.

Some of Bradley Thomas Giordano’s favorite sites include the Byzantine-era architecture of the Santa Maria Assunta and the church’s famous Black Madonna.  A local legend traces the painting’s arrival in Positano to a terrible storm in the 13th century.  The storm reportedly was so strong that it prevented a ship carrying the painting from leaving port.  The story describes sailors hearing a disembodied voice instructing them to leave the painting in town during the height of the storm.  Once the precious relic was brought ashore, the storm subsided, relays Bradley Thomas Giordano.  The site remains a popular tourist spot and place of quiet reflection for people from across the globe.

In addition to art and architecture, notes Bradley Thomas Giordano, Positano is famous for its pottery.  Several factories and studios produce handmade and painted ceramics that are sold in town.  Many designs are prominently decorated with scenes from the local coastline and lemons-which are freshly grown in almost every garden and courtyard.  Certain merchants specialize in crafting their ceramics from lava rock, thereby creating a stronger finished product, which conveniently is less susceptible to damage when packed in a suitcase.

Overall, Positano is one of the most relaxed towns in the world, says Bradley Thomas Giordano.  According to Giordano, days can pass simply walking down Positano’s many winding steps and steep roads, visiting various quaint pottery, shoe, and jewelry shops, and taking in the area’s unrivaled scenery.  Because it sits in a tourist-heavy region, Bradley Thomas Giordano advises that Positano is best enjoyed during the traditional work week when it is substantially less crowded.

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